The Phoenix Haus System

No furnace needed

90% less energy usage

100% filtered indoor air

Quality & Comfort

That’s just the beginning.


Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. 

Phoenix Haus takes German engineering and combines it with Detroit manufacturing to bring you a revolutionary building system. 


Unlike traditional construction, Phoenix Haus relies on 6 basic building principles to guarantee an entirely new way of living.

Super insulation 


Thermal Bridge Free Detailing

Continuous Ventilation

Solar Orientation

Compact Shapes

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A Complete Home Solution 

Focusing on the building enclosure, otherwise known as the infrastructure of a home, creates an entirely new possibility surrounding comfort, health & energy efficiency. 


Made with only renewable, non-toxic materials, without foam, harsh chemicals or VOC’s


Adapt and apply the system to custom and/or template designs


Continuously filtered and recycled indoor air removes odors, dust, pollutants and allergens


Quiet living spaces controlled to 72 degrees and a comfortable relative humidity level

What’s Included

Verified Energy Performance

Approved Shop Drawings

Fabrication of the Building Enclosure

Suggested Window Brands with Pre-installation

Delivery to the Job Site

3 Man, 3 Day Crew for Assembly

What’s Not Included

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Basements or Foundations

Electrical, plumbing or mechanical

Exterior Siding, Drywall

Exterior Roofing or Flooring

Simple design, effortless assembly, The Alpha is a collective system that requires no maintenance 


Prefabrication reduces on-site construction by an average of 8 weeks and cuts down material waste by 33%


Designed & tested to last over 100 years; will maintain indoor temperatures above 55 degrees during winter power outages. 


Fabrication to delivery is no more than 6 weeks. Deliveries arrive vertically to the job-site, reducing crane and assembly time.

How Does it Work?

Click on the image below to learn more.


Let’s Get Started!

There are 2 straightforward approaches to take advantage of The Alpha:

Custom Design

Assuming you are already working with an Architect – we’ll start by taking the design & import it into our state-of-the-art building software.

Template Design

This route assumes you are at the beginning of the design process and are still searching for answers about design & construction.

 This process regenerates the design into ‘buildable parts’ so that the Phoenix Haus System can be applied to the entire building enclosure.

 By clicking on our Template Page, you can browse a range of different templates that are ready to be built now.

"Technology is amazing because it allows us to do more with less...humans are the only ones that can invent new things and better ways of making them"

Peter ThielAuthor, Zero to One