The Alpha Building System


The result of a decade of building performance simulations, software innovations, and prototyping.

The Alpha System is a Passive House Institute (Darmstadt, Germany) certified building system.

It is a lightweight timber frame construction system, insulated with cellulose and wood-fiberboard.

There are 28 standard connections which encompass a complete structure - this includes the walls, roofs, floors, windows, etc.

Architectural designs, for single and multi-use projects, can be calibrated to the Alpha system using our library of 3D details.

The Phoenix Haus Alpha System

We take health seriously

100% wood-based, non-toxic materials

Renewable and carbon neutral timber products

Acrylic, not petroleum, based tapes & membranes

24-hour fresh air, balanced and filtered ventilation


Design for Manufacture & Assembly

DfMA relies on a collaborative design team and extra planning in the early stages of a project, to optimize design and manufacturing.

This is in direct contrast with the more traditional process of design-build, that usually does not consider construction and assembly, until it’s too late.

By planning early, designs are optimized and multiple features can be integrated, saving time and money on-site

Designing for Prefabrication, Chapter 5.1, June 2019


Passive House Certified Component

The Alpha System was certified through PHI (Darmstadt, Germany) in 2017.

It passed all required criteria for hygiene, comfort, performance and affordability.

Certification means that the Alpha System can achieve an airtightness level of 0.6 ACH and demands an annual heating load of less than 4.75 kBTU/Sq Ft.

R-values for walls are approximately R-48 and roofs, R-70

Phoenix Haus Prefab

BIM/CAD Modeling to CNC

In order to achieve the performance and quality levels we guarantee, we look to technology for help.

BIM, or Building Information Modeling and CAD, Computer Aided Design, enables Phoenix Haus to design an entire structure down to the stick of lumber. This information then gets sent to CNC Machine where it is read and processed.

This information allows us to offer fixed pricing, timelines and guarantees accuracy to within 1/16 of an inch.