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Designed by Paper Airplane Design Co., outfitted with The Phoenix Haus Alpha System

HAUS Facts

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1,750 SF

$375,000 + tax

*price adjusted per local region


Open Kitchen & Great Room

Interior Architectural Glass



Paper Airplane Design Co. has been involved with the design and construction of certified passive houses for over five years. They have certified residential and commercial buildings both through the international governing body, Passive House International (PHI), and Passive House of the U.S. (PHIUS). The Lupine Haus boasts an open floor plan with attractive form and space for the whole family.

Firm Profile

PAPER AIRPLANE produces projects that uniquely blend artistic methodologies, design practices, building science + technology, and sustainability practices.

Our multi-disciplinary process integrates visual art, design, fabrication and construction management.

We produce buildings, spaces, objects, exhibitions and site specific artworks.

At PAPER AIRPLANE, our commitment is to give shape to the creative thinking of our clients, and to help them determine the best format for actualizing their personal visions.  We provide a museum quality standard for craftsmanship and project execution.  Our approach to each project is holistic, taking into consideration performance and aesthetics, with an awareness of the community and environmental legacy of what we produce.

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We will coordinate all parties and get you in touch with Artisans Group so that your design can come to life!

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The Haus Network

The Vogel Haus

3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,931 SF

$649,000 + tax

designed by The Artisans Group

The Line Haus

3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1,500 SF

designed by LoveSchack Architecture

Coming Soon!

The Peace of Mind Haus

3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,500 SF

$230,000 + tax

designed by Seed Studios

The Hip Haus

1 bedroom, 1 bath. 1,100 SF

$250,000 + tax

designed by CR-BPS Performance Specialists

The Lupine Haus

3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,750 SF

$375,000 + tax

designed by Paper Airplane Design Co.

The High Sierra Haus

2 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,800 SF

$450,000 + tax

designed by Wright Architects

The Bird Haus

2 bedroom, 1 bath. 872 SF

designed by Birdsmouth Construction

Coming Soon!

The Veblen Haus

3 Bed + Den, 2 Full Bath (optional upgrades to 5 Bed, 4 Bath)

designed by CR-BPS Performance Specialists

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