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Designed by Artisans Group, outfitted with The Phoenix Haus Alpha System

HAUS Facts

Construction Budget: $649,000 + tax

Annual Heating Demand: 4.68 kBTU/ft2yr

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1,931 SF


Open Kitchen & Great Room

Interior Architectural Glass

Dramatic Covered Porch



Vogel Haus (German for “bird”) is a small low-slung modern home with a covered porch and carport on either side. This design takes advantage of long sight lines; and has a nice balance of solar exposure and protected shady areas for retreat and privacy. This open floor plan with stunning glass box for the dining area feels like you are sitting in a sun room- without the typical overheating. Interior transom glass carries the light deep into the home.

If you desire a strong connection to the outdoors with the kitchen at the heart of the home, then this is the house for you!

Optional Features

1. Flat or gabled roof

2. Option to upgrade to large sliding glass doors

3. Upgrade to metal siding

Firm Profile

The Artisans Group is an innovative and award winning Pacific Northwest Design+Build  firm dedicated to better building through artful design and building science.

Their industry leading experience in custom Passive House design and construction gives you the freedom to dream big, and revolutionize your quality of life.

Whether you’re interested in green architecture, energy efficiency, or just a beautiful, comfortable, well designed and crafted space – they are your team.  From north of Seattle to south of Portland, residential and commercial.

Your dreams, lifestyle, comfort, budget, and time are the heart of our work together.


August 23, 2017 / Artisans Group

The Vogel Haus, Treehugger

After attending the Passive House Northwest conference in Olympia, Washington...
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The Vogel Haus

3 bedroom, 2 bath. 1,931 SF

$649,000 + tax

designed by The Artisans Group

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