Prefab Manufacturing


For 5 Years

We’ve been at the forefront of prefabricated, panelized Passive Houses

From day one, Phoenix Haus knew they had to physically make a building system, not just design it. There’s a certain experience and knowledge that comes from jumping in, getting your hands dirty and creating the solutions that are needed to advance an antiquated and out-of-date industry.

Phoenix Haus relies on the fact that there is a continuous feedback loop between design and manufacturing - that means that improvements, innovations and integrations can be added and adjusted in real time, for our clients.

Phoenix Haus got its start in Detroit, Michigan…we all know what came from there. That grit and determination for excellence has been ingrained in the company’s DNA and continues to lead them forward into the future.

There’s nothing ‘new’ about manufacturing - but excitement comes when these century old practices get combined with modern construction techniques. A new world is becoming available, specifically in off-site manufacturing, for increased outputs and higher quality products.

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European Inspiration

When looking at the European construction industry, the majority of homes and buildings are prefabricated. Hundreds of family owned shops, sprinkled throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have spent years refining their craft.

This European expertise and pride inspired us, and emboldened us to come up with solutions and products that could be used for the North American market.

Our prefab building system is made using the highest environmental standards, integrates literally the world’s most stringent energy standard, and is aesthetically indistinguishable from “normal” houses.

Our central location in Colorado allows us to service multiple markets in North America


More than Just Quality

When the job site is brought ‘indoors’, the conversation changes.

Quality can be controlled, time and pace set and efficiency met.

The technical labor force at our manufacturing facility utilizes the knowledge and expertise of traditional framers, carpenters, insulators and finish sub-contractors - all in one.


Designed for Manufacturing & Assembly

DfMA reshapes the traditional timeline of construction projects.

Prefab projects are best understood when looking backwards, from their assembly on site.

By carefully matching design, production and the supply of resources…the traditional barriers and constraints are eliminated.

Our system can be built and stored, while site work is performed - substantially decreasing construction lead times.

Designing for Prefabrication, Chapter 5.1, June 2019