SHS 988: More Than Just a House

…Starting at $260,000


We are committed to creating the healthiest housing options on earth. This means reducing the total energy consumption that a home or housing unit requires. Specifically, we are designing and building homes that (1) require zero fossil fuel inputs to operate, (2) utilize smaller, optimized all-electric based mechanical systems, and (3) have the ability to run the entire house off of a renewable energy system.

Small Haus is the embodiment of this goal. SHS 988 is a vehicle that allow owners to reach a structured, lean & affordable approach to extremely low energy consumption - while ensuring there's enough space for the entire family!

Size: 988 Square Feet

Floorplan: 2 bed, 2 bath + (1) round of floor plan adjustments

Included Items: (1) Small Haus Design stamped & engineered for local building authority; (2) Small Haus Small prefab enclosure, including windows & doors; (3) Small Haus Small Construction managed via a qualified general contractor, with base level finishes

Features & Options: Gable style roof displayed, shed roof also available, as well as optional porches & garages (not shown)


Available Integrations

Upgrade to Wood Aluminum Clad Windows & Doors

Pre-installed, triple-pane, Climate Adjusted for Comfort, Made in the U.S.A.


Add Shou Sugi Ban Siding

Low or no maintenance, rot & decay resistant, non-toxic


Choose Passive House Certification


For Colorado residents who own a parcel of land, the following services will be performed to determine a successful Small Haus project.


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