We make the healthiest, multi-generational housing in the Rocky Mountains


The Current Problem

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Living in high demand areas in the Rocky Mountains is not affordable…

The median home price in Crested Butte, CO is $1,595,00

Eagle, Colorado’s median is $1,142,500

Steamboat, Colorado’s median is $1,495,000

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…and the lead time and cost of on site labor alone is at an all-time high.

Consumers can expect to pay a premium for crews with little or no capacity, and expect to wait months if not years to schedule and book their time.


In addition to the high cost of housing, the construction industry has remained largely unchanged:

While many U.S. sectors including agriculture and manufacturing have increased productivity 10 to 15 times since the 1950s, the productivity of construction remains stuck at the same level as 80 years ago….there has been a consistent decline in the industry’s productivity since the late 1960’s.

McKinsey Global Institute, Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity; Feb. 2017


Traditional Construction


Phoenix Haus’ Solution


Design platforms that utilize a prefab building system, for healthy & affordable living



Passive House performance, 100% non-toxic materials with 24-hour balanced fresh air ventilation


Off-Site Manufacturing

Off-site labor with a standardized building system, drastically reduces the total cost of construction & quality increases



Space designed specifically for shared housing and flexible occupancy for healthy & affordable living

Introducing the Homestead Design Platform


A single family home can be so much more than just a single one-off use. When designed the right way, not only can you have a healthy home, but one that you’re able to accommodate the change in natural life patterns.

See below two great house options that integrate these concepts!



Phoenix Haus H19 Design Platform

The bespoke Ski cabin



A modern take on mountain housing


What People Are Saying


“Phoenix Haus is building the future with their prefab high-performance panels. i worked with the team in 2018 on a challenging project, and they went above-and-beyond to make it succeed. building is never easy, but building this way is easier than other ways, and phoenix haus is doing great work.”

— Justin Crawford, Client

“working with Phoenix Haus was an absolute pleasure - their enthusiasm, professionalism, understanding of building science and passive house principles, as well as their amazing communication and willingness to tackle challenges truly impressed me..”

— Seth Bossung, Client



of design platforms that utilize our prefab building system


50% Less Architectural Costs

Integrated Design Platforms, featuring an off-site building system


Order Direct with Your Builder

Get control back & decide how you want to finish your home


Built Off-Site, Prefabricated

Minimum 6-8 weeks time savings, or $60,000 - $80,000 savings. Off-site construction is 4-6x faster.


Store While You Wait

While your site is being prepared, we build & store. Receive delivery as soon as you’re ready


Passive House Construction

90% less energy use for heating, cooling, lighting & appliances. 24-hour fresh air, comfortable spaces.


Design Spaces to Earn Extra Income

Flexible floor plans to take advantage of the shared economy

Experience it

Our homestead design platforms, which utilize our prefab building system, are currently being built in Western Colorado.

We’ll notify you when the first chance to tour comes up!