This is cool, but how does it work?

First, choose a small, medium or large plan. Because all of our plans are outfitted with our passive house certified Alpha System, all you have to do is make site specific adjustments that reflect your physical location & county. A general contractor must be identified to handle site work & the finishing of your SMALL HAUS.

I already have an architect. Can I still use your system?

Absolutely! We are always open to working with new architects and designers… all they have to do is follow a basic list of requirements. Download the file below to access this information

Can I put your system together myself?

Yes! If you are a licensed builder &/or general contractor and have experience or training in high performance building

How long does everything take?

After all plan changes have been made and your local building permit is approved, Phoenix Haus can complete your package in less than 4 weeks. We will save you 6-8 weeks on average of time and labor in the field.

Is Passive House certification included?

Our entire system is Passive House certifiable....if you are interested in certification, we will assist you with the entire process. Phoenix Haus has a Certified Passive House Consultant on staff.