Frequently Asked Questions


Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear…

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+ This is cool, but how does it work?

Homeowners: Navigate to our Prefab Design Platforms. These platforms are meant as a starting point for all design related questions. All of these designs can be adjusted - that includes the floor plan(s), exterior and interior looks, and siting to specific geographic location.

Professionals: Are you a design or build professional? Would you like to work with Phoenix Haus? If so, send us an email from our contact page and we’ll send you company and system specific information to get you started on a path towards collaboration.

+ How much does it cost for your system?

The Alpha Building System is approximately $100+ / Sq. Ft. , and represents normally 45% of total build costs. So a 1,500 Sq. Ft. cabin normally costs $150,000, which makes for a total of $375,000 for total hard costs, excluding land and soft/design fees.

+ What’s included in Phoenix Haus’ scope of work?

Phoenix Haus full scope of work is ‘design through delivery’ of the wood framed superstructure, air and weather tight. It includes the following:

  • Architectural, structural engineering, 3D CAD documentation and BIM modeling, wood framed Alpha Building System with pre-installed windows, doors, fully insulated, with delivery to the building site. Once on-site, the building system is then installed on the foundation and the general contract begins finishing work (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, flooring, drywall, etc.)

+ I already have an architect - can I still use your system?

Absolutely! We are always open to working with new architects and designers… all they have to do is follow a basic list of requirements and adopt our standard Alpha System details.

+ I would like to adjust your current Homestead Platform Designs - can I do that?

You can - according to some basic guidelines. Once your building site is determined, interior floor plans are easy and painless to adjust after that.

+ Can I put your system together myself?

We require licensed builders/general contractors to assemble our system. If you have a builder you would like to introduce us to, send us an email from our contact page and we’ll help you start the conversation. If not, we are able to offer a fully installed system, reviewed on a case by case basis.

+ How long does everything take?

Once your local building permit is approved, Phoenix Haus is able to build and deliver your package in 60 days, assuming standard details and connections have been used.

+ Is Passive House certification included?

Our entire system is Passive House certifiable....if you are interested in certification, we will assist you with the entire process. Phoenix Haus has a Certified Passive House Consultant on staff.